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Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics Attack Demo

Cyber Attack Demo During my session at Experts Live 2016 I’ve shown a demo which consists of an cyber attack with Microsoft ATA running in the background. Various stages from the Attack Kill Chain are included in this demo like internal reconnaissance, lateral movement, pass-the-ticket and domain dominance. I’ve recorded the demo and enhanced it

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Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics Banner

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics Fundamentals

Introduction Hi there, want to know more about Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA)? You’ve come to the right place. In this blog post I’d like to share some fundamentals of the product and platform to get you started right away. Microsoft acquired Aorato in 2014 which was a security company. They are now part of Microsoft

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Experts Live

Experts Live 2016 Slide Deck Download

Thank you! It was a great experience to speak at the Experts Live 2016 event. A big thank you to all who attended my Microsoft ATA session and of course the visitors and volunteers who made this edition possible! Experts Live 2016 hosted over more than 50 breakout sessions about Microsoft Azure, Office 365, Windows Server

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